Friday, 13 October 2017

This scandal is an opportunity, not only to see Weinstein for who he really is but also to see America for what we have become…an ethically bankrupt and indecent collection of moral cowards allergic to self-reflection and truth. This “reality-show America”, currently starring the Trumps and Kardashians (with special guest appearance by the Clintons!) and produced by Harvey Weinstein, reveals that America has devolved to the point of shameless obscenity, and regardless of how self-righteous we as liberals, conservatives, Democrats or Republicans may feel, we no longer possess any moral authority because, just like Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood, Washington and Wall Street, we are incapable of being honest with ourselves. It is difficult to admit, but if we mustered the courage to see ourselves as we truly are, we would recognize that Harvey Weinstein is America, and America is Harvey Weinstein. Both are bloated, entitled, corrupt, bombastic, blindly ambitious bullies, full of fear and loathing, that use their outsized power to exploit the defenseless to indulge their darker impulses and insatiable desires. The sooner we recognise that, the faster we can try to change it.

Hollywood elite applaud and protect rapists,paedophiles and sexual predators for fame and fortune,and they want to tell us common folk how to think,have they lost their minds : Woody Allen molested his 7 year old adopted daughter and than ended up marrying her at 14,Roman Polanski raped a 13 year old girl and Hollywood still protect him and applaud him,Meryl Streep gave him a standing ovation,but that's just the tip of the iceberg : Hollywood is a sick depraved town that needs to go into rehab for perversion and paedophilia,and the saddest part of all,the superstars like Streep aid and abet them by protecting them and not speaking out : Meryl Streep gave an impassioned speech about Donald Trump and his locker room talk tape,but stays silent when it comes to her colleagues who are rapist,paedophiles and sexual predators,what an impostor.

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