Tuesday, 20 February 2018

President Donald Trump is in the cross hairs of the deep state,he literally is putting is life on the line : The deep state took out JFK for challenging them by not invading Cuba and printing dollars that would have sidelined the federal reserve and withdrawing all troops from Vietnam by 1965,then they took out MLK because he posed a theat to their power and finally RFK to put an end to the Kennedy dynasty,so don't think that they would not attempt an assassination on the president..They are immoral and indefensible,these psychopaths actua;lly believe that America belongs to them because they have been entrenched in the government for decades and are agents of the NWO : For all his flaws,his politically incorrectness and all his bluster,the man has a backbone,his prepared to take the heat of the fake MSM and the American people should support him and help him clean house from the stench of the Clinton family and the corrupt bureaucrats that believe that America belongs to them.America belongs to "We the people"

Robert Mueller is a partisan hack,to put bluntly "he's part of the Washington problem" : Corrupt as hell and crooked as a dogs hind leg,he's gotta go,and now,someone has to drop the hammer on him,before he inflicts more damage on America : Putting Mueller in charge of this investigation,is like asking Frank Nitty to investigate Al Capone.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Barnaby Joyce has got to go,no ifs or buts,your the Deputy Prime minister of Australia,you made a mistake,and you have to pay the price,you chose to run for pubic office and with that comes responsibility,if you were a private citizen i would not be writing this article,but you the second most powerful man in the country : The longer you stay in your position the more divided the country becomes : Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull should immediately ask for his resignation,if he doesn't than he will show weakness and eventually get rolled by his own party : Barnaby,you want to bonk your staffer,do it on your own dime not ours,that's not what you get paid $420,000 plus expenses for,actions have consequences Barnaby,and it's time you pissed of and stop embarrassing our Nation.

Operation protect Obama is in full swing : Now that we have found that Russia election meddling began in 2014 when Trump was a private citizen and Obama was in the oval office,the MSM don't want to discuss Obama's failure to protect America from cyber attacks that he was informed of by his intelligence agencies is just another example of his inability to lead and make the tough decisions,instead he allowed that to continue and let the next president tackle the issue,sound familiar : His middle east policy was the same,he didn't act in Syria,sat on his hands and allowed the country to be destroyed,Iran and Russia now run Syria,thanks to Obama's reluctance to make a decision one way or the other,he just left it for the next guy.Trump is right when he says that he is spending a lot of time cleaning up Obama's mess : Trump was not a politician when the west went to war in Iraq,he was not in politics when Obama was in power,so the idea that the MSM are trying to blame a man who has been in politics for just over one year for all the problems facing America right now is simply outrageous and down right untruthful : Obama in his first two years had an outright majority,he could have attacked the gun issue,he didn't,he could have tackled immigration reform,he failed there to,he had 60 seats in the senate,what is known as a super majority and he squandered the opportunity like many other things,and what did he concentrate on a broken health care plan that never delivered what he promised : There's plenty of blame to go around for the state of America right now,but Trump was not the problem,he was to busy running his Empire and making money.

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