Saturday, 15 April 2017

Breaking : Trump is only interested in one term,white house allies of Steve Bannon say the president longs for the day when he can return to Trump Tower and get back to running the show without interference form people who are all talk and no action : With Donald Trump's rise to the presidency the Trump brand has taken on a more powerful and successful image,it's mot hard to imagine that the Donald would be much happier in Trump Tower right now,then in the confines of the White House and the infighting and backstabbing that's currently going on,you can see it on Trumps face lately,he's not a happy camper.I had always questioned why Trump at the age of seventy would want to run for political office,he had to leave a palace to go and live in public housing,that's why Mar a Lago is his escape from the drudgery of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,and why would you go from being the King to being part of the Administration,i wonder what Trump would do know with hindsight.

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